My Favorite Snack :D


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Don’t Over Do It


So I feel the need to remind everyone of something extremely important: Do not over restrict yourself when it comes to eating. There are many reasons for this:

1. The more you tell yourself you can’t have it, the more you will crave it.

2. If you are only eating extremely small amounts of food a couple of times a day you will get sick, and you won’t have energy to burn fat.

3. (against popular belief) Starving yourself doesn’t work. You gain back the weight extremely quickly, and sometimes you will retain more weight. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF.

Don’t over splurge, but treat yourself every once in a while to your favorite treat, or snack. It’s not a bad thing! It will help you keep on track, just don’t to it too often or with too much.

Treats are nice. 😀

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Weigh In and Realizations

Hi Everyone,

Another weigh in today, and my weight is remaining constant. Though, I haven’t been eating very healthy this week, mostly because I received a large quantity of sugary treats for Easter that I have been enjoying. Realizing now that eating an entire LARGE LARGE bag of M&M’s is not exactly going to help me lose weight, I am giving all of my treats to my friends at school, and going back to my stricter diet. I want to make being healthy a way of life, not just a phase I am going through.

So tomorrow, it’s definitely back to being healthier, and working harder in the gym. I realize I probably won’t reach 130 lbs in the next 3 weeks, but I do hope to reach about 135 by then. PLEASE PUSH ME TO WORK HARDER. I definitely need to inspiration right now, with all this slacking.


Time to get focussed and really really push to reach my goal. Keep working hard everyone. Don’t give up. It’s not just every day, it’s every temptation throughout the day. It’s every decision. You. Can. Do. This.

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Smartphone App

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. College is KILLING me now that the semester is so close to being over.

But I wanted to throw in an update about something new I am using to help diversify my workouts. I downloaded the Nike Training App and it is really helpful! I recommend it to anyone with a smart phone who likes to work out.

I have used it for the last couple of days and it’s actually kinda nice to see other exercises to try, and it pushes you to really use your body.(:


thanks for checking in. Let me know what’s going on in your world of working out! 😀

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Be sure to jump when you are upright! And add a push up when you are in push up position to ad in an arm workout!


These are amazing.<3 and Killer. So be ready!

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Day 4. Round 2.

HEY everyone. (:

So it is Thursday, Day 4 of my second wind of working out this year. I have found a love/hate relationship with the wonderful workout called burpees (or Up Downs) from my Texas-football heritage, minus the quick feet. This exercise is killer.

On top of that, I have done a pretty intense abdominal workout today, and some other quick aerobic cardiovascular workouts. I get winded quite quickly now, seeing that I haven’t been athletic in a few years it’s not a terrible shock, but still.

My muscles are slowly starting to remember the old routine of working out (thank goodness for muscles memory).

I just wanted to throw out some quick tips for the day: Make sure you are drinking LOTS of water. LOTS AND LOTS. Dehydration is dangerous and unhealthy especially when doing a rigorous workout routine. So keep that in mind.

And also, make sure you are EATING. Just because you are trying to lose weight does NOT mean you can stop eating. Your body is going to need more food in order to compensate for the energy spent working out. Just eat HEALTHIER. Eat foods that are good for you and provide natural substances for energy. Cut back on all processed sugars!! They are not good for you!

Those are just some quick tips. Now, I am going to do some nice stretches and get ready for a meeting (boo). And then I will probably hit a two-a-day today and head to the gym for a 20 minute cardio session. And maybe some weights(: Gotta keep on top of this!


OH: And I did some math and if I want to reach 130 lbs by the time I head home for the summer, I would have to lose almost 3 lbs a week. While this is doable, it will be extremely difficult and I may not make it. BUT, realizing that from the beginning can only help me because if I don’t quite make it, it’s understandable, but if I do make it, I would have achieved something great. SO DON’T GIVE UP.

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Starting again.

Hello followers.

So, as you all know, I am at a new starting point once again after slacking off for a couple of weeks.

On Monday I went to the gym and weighed myself so I knew where I had to start over from. I came to a shocking discovery: I had LOST weight. Not as much as I usually would, but I started out on Monday at 144.6 lbs.

The last time I weighed myself I was at 147.8.

Needless to say, I was HAPPY!

So this week, I have returned to eating healthy, and exercising. I have consistently started doing core exercises and lifting weights because the more muscle you build the quicker you burn calories. But you MUST do more than just abdominal workouts everyone. I know we all think, if I do a million crunches I will have a flat tummy and look amazing.

This doesn’t work if you are trying to lose weight and become HEALTHY. You must incorporate a healthy diet and regular cardiovascular workouts. THIS IS KEY.

So, the weather is warming up, and the outdoors are becoming a much nicer place to workout once again. So I decided to return to the track to work on my running and getting back into shape. I ran 2 and 1/2 miles today. I was exhausted. This is a huge shock for me, as a runner because I used to be able to run 5-10 miles easily. So by the end of this month, my goal is not only to lose weight, but also to increase my stamina so that I can run again.

To do this I can’t only run. I have to also strengthen my core and my legs and work on my breathing as well as STRETCH DAILY.

What is your goal for the month of April? What do you want to achieve?


Also: To keep with the bloggers weight loss and goals, at the top of the home page hover over each of our names and click about from the drop down menus. 😀

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